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SMITH helped PCNA optimize their digital assets management in a central location.


In 2012, SMITH and PCNA started a relationship that is now in its 6th successful year. Initial work with Adobe solutions were begun in 2016. Polyconcept North America (PCNA), a subsidiary of the global leader in promotional products Polyconcept, provides recognized best-in-class services to the industry, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability in the delivery of custom branded office items, bags, electronics, notebooks, clothing and everything in between. It operates four successful brands in North America: Leed’s, Bullet, JournalBooks, and Trimark.

The market leader in a traditionally print catalog-driven industry, PCNA operates four distinct, successful business units that operate independently of one another. To increase operational efficiency and adapt to increasing demand for improving access, processing and consistency to their assets for colleagues and clients, PCNA continued the process of a pivot to a “digital first” philosophy with SMITH as a partner.

The core challenge: how to process and manage over 2 million new assets a year and enable customer self-service.


A phased approach was built to help PCNA realize their investment in Adobe Assets quickly with an impactful solution. Phase one included the implementation of the Customer Service Portal to allow PCNA clients to submit orders with assets to PCNA for processing. Phase 2 is expanding the solution to include marketing assets to be utilized across PCNA’s digital and print channels.


PCNA’s asset-heavy business required a highly scalable and available solution. The system architecture supports automated and manual asset management. Assets are a mix of publicly available and gated content for companies, customers or applications. High availability with robust disaster recovery ensure artwork and orders follow consistently.

The automation processes and makes available over 10,000 assets a day to various third-party applications. The processing includes image rendition creation, PDF conversion and format conversion to web safe assets. The system stores assets in a logical and searchable format providing a full set of rest-based web services from application interactions.

The marketing team has a solution utilizing Adobe Assets and Dynamic Media to manage product and marketing assets for their digital and print channels. Built-in workflows allow the team to approve assets from photo studios, publish assets with multiple approval requirements and deactivate assets from public view. The system automates creation of media sets for use of media viewers. The product images are integrated with the PCNA PIM to enable utilization with product data across the PCNA and third-party systems.

Selected features include:

  • Processing of 10,000+ assets daily.
  • Web services for applications to create, update and delete assets from the DAM.
  • InRiver PIM integration for product assets.
  • Authentication for gated assets at a company, customer or third-party application level.
  • Marketing workflows to streamline approvals and maintain audit history.
  • High availability and disaster recovery.
  • Converting non-web safe assets to PDF or images for viewing within web-based applications.
  • Automated asset migration from legacy DAM and file storage enhancing metadata from product data feeds.
  • Solr allows applications to search for assets via the enhanced metadata.

The Results

Enterprise digital asset management solution that is evolving with PCNA’s “digital first” philosophy to enable colleagues and clients to interact in a streamlined, meaningful manner. The solution is scaling to include more applications, users and customers to deliver improved customer experience and organizational efficiency for PCNA.

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